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8:45 PM (Randall posting): There isn't much news to report today. Susan went to work, Sophie and I stayed home, Elisabeth went to school. Sophie spent some time this morning with Ruth Altman, Sophie's adopted "Nannie" (one of many--hard to believe this is the same child who would scream bloody murder when she saw an older person). We had a Mother's Dinner tonight at church, so Sophie got to socialize, which made her happy (and a little wired. Did I mention she is still awake?). She is not lacking for energy at all, although someone noticed that her eyebrows seem to be falling out some (at least it is easy to notice that there isn't as much hair there as you would expect). Given how energetic she has been plus the fact that her bruising seems to be improving, we're optimistic that the next phase of chemotherapy will start as early as Tuesday. As always, we will keep everyone posted on any new developments.


Sometimes unexciting days are good ones! I'm glad Sophie got to visit with Ruth. I remember when she first met her -- seems like so long ago. And I sure do remember how she cried when she saw an older person! The church dinner sounds so nice. You have such a great church family. Mother got her garden planted today, with Robert's help. She is very happy about that. I went to physical therapy and had a great visit. I like my therapist and my exercises. I'm looking forward to two days off. I hope you all have an interesting and productive day -- and I will be thinking happy thoughts about you.

Sometimes no news is good news. I'm glad everything is going pretty well. Haley had her hair cut like Kit's and Elisabeth's yesterday. It is so cute. I was having an awful time brushing her hair with the incision and the tenderness of her head so I decided to make things easier. She says it feels so much better. Also, we went to the eye doctor yesterday (she is still having headaches) and she will be getting glasses in the next few weeks . Her right eye is starting to cross, however, he said this is probaly not related to the brain tumor. So, Haley has quite a bit going on, but she seems to be o.k. with it all. We hope to get together after next week is over with. Hannah gets her tonsils and adnoids out on Wednesday - maybe we can relax soon there after. Have a nice weekend and take care. Laura

Sounds like Sophie is doing very well. I hope that the roofers are done so everyone can have some piece and quiet...and an enjoyable weekend.