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5/10/05 PM

8:30 PM: We heard back on Sophie's counts today. Everything is looking good. Her red blood and platelet counts are low, but she doesn't need a transfusion. Her ANC is .8, which is low but not critical. It's hard to tell whether this is as low as it's going to get and she'll start to go back up now, or whether it will drop to critical this week. When the nurse comes on Monday, we'll know more about which direction it has headed. Until then, we'll need to be somewhat cautious about her activities, but we won't have to completely isolate her. It's exciting to think that at this point, it is possible that she could start the next phase of treatment without a break.


Good Morning! I went yesterdy to the physical therapist, and have just finished doing my exercises. I am so proud of all of you, but especially for Randall's grades and Susan's promotion. Way to go!! It's a beautiful day here, and I hope it will be a beautiful day for you. Lots of love headed in your direction.