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8:48 PM (Randall posting): The girls are in bed and the house is quiet (for now). Susan is reading something for work while listening to a CD in the living room and I am sitting in front of the monitor with the lights off. Our major excitement for the day was that at 6:30 this morning, the roofers came to start putting new shingles on the parsonage. Believe it or not, I had to wake both girls up to get Elisabeth out the door to school. Sophie and I escaped some of the noise this morning by going outside and potting/repotting some plants under the carport.

[brief interruption to tend to both girls, who are not yet falling asleep]

Anyway, Sophie and I piddled with the plants, which she enjoyed, even if she was more interested in blowing bubbles, playing with sidewalk chalk, or rolling around Elisabeth's roller skates (all of which are outside under the carport). After all our gardening, we went out to lunch. I figure the less banging and stomping we hear, the better. After lunch Sophie took a nap (!) and I finally got some down time for reading and sermon preparation. Not an easy feat with the roofers overhead. Then, at 2:30pm, all the pounding stopped and they left for the day. They made quite a bit of progress, though, so hopefully tomorrow will see the end of it.


Isn't work on the house about the worse thing! Having people on the roof clumping around must be even worse than floor stuff. Being outdoors and playing and working with plants sounds so nice. I bet Mother would have liked to be with you. We went yesterday and bought 8 Parks Whoppers tomatoes -- one of Mother's favorite kinds -- and some wave petunias, in purple and lavendar, that we are going to put on the stump in our little garden and in the box on the front porch. I hope today is a very happy day. You are all my favorite family!