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9:50: (Susan posting) Well, I just got home from work, so that should tell you what kind of day I had. Big meetings at work and lots of work to do. I'll be heading out again at the crack of dawn to beat the traffic. From what I hear, it sounds like Randall had a very good day with Sophie. The big news is that we have dismantled Sophie's toddler bed. She had been sleeping almost exclusively in the "big bed" (a double bed in her room), and it was just a place to put stuffed animals for the most part. The room seems so much bigger without that large piece of furniture in there, and Sophie (who was still wide awake when I got home) seems very excited.

We never got a call from the doctor today, so we're apparently not going in for a transfusion tomorrow. Sophie seemed to feel well today, although Randall said she did have a slight fever (99.3) at one point. We'll keep an eye on that.


No more toddler bed! That's a huge step! I hope Sophie's as easy-going with that change as Chloe was...with a big sister, such changes are anticipated instead of feared, perhaps? How's the potty training progressing at this point? I know that it is much more complicated in Sophie's case (and even Camille was not ready at three with no extenuating circumstanes.).

I hope that Sophie's fever is just a minor one and will work itself out.

BTW, out neighboring house is a Methodist parsonage. We've always enjoyed our wonderful neighbors. Perhaps one day you may find yourselves to be in Georgia and to know our neighbprs,

Truly always in my thoughts,