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10:00 AM (Randall posting): Just a quick post to let folks know that Elisabeth is officially splint-free! There was nothing on the x-rays to suggest a break, so in spite of forgetting to splint her every now and then (bad parent), she is fully healed. She is very excited. Sophie stayed with Ruth Altman (Nannie) again this morning and they both had a terrific time. We are so grateful to be a part of this caring community. We're learning a lot about needing and asking for help from other people in this situation.

Sophie has not had any more of a fever this morning, so that is good news. As far as potty-training is going, it is going very, very well. She still wears a diaper at night, and they are still wet nearly every morning, so we'll work on that next, but she slept through a looooong nap yesterday with only the slightest "accident" at the end of it (and she went straight to the potty when she woke up).


Great news about Elisabeth's finger. I know she is so excited to be rid of the splint.

Glad to hear the potty training is going great. It hasn't been that long since she started and if wetting at night is the only issue you are having at this point, don't sweat it. It will come with time. I think it is wonderful that Sophie is doing so well with potty training, especially with all that is going on. What a big girl she is!!!

I am glad that Sophie's fever is gone and hope everyone has a good day. Thanks for the updates.

It is wonderful to hear your good news. Glad the splint is off Elisabeth. Sophie is doing great with the potty training and school is going to be out in a couple of days. Life is always easier at our house when school is out. Hope you guys can enjoy the summer together, Love and Prayers Deanna

Hi. I hope all is going well for you all today. We spent last night at UNC-CH hospital with Hannah, she had her tonsils and adnoids removed. She is doing great. We stayed on the 5th floor and our nurse let us know that that is the floor where most cancer patients stay. I asked her if she knew Sophie and her face lit up. She said Sophie is so cute and sweet and you guys are GREAT! Her name is Tara and she said to please tell you all Hello that she hasn't seen you in a while. She really had a lot of good things to say about you all. That just goes to show you that you have inspired a lot of people in the way you are handling Sophie's illness. Take care. Maybe I will see you at the awards banquet tommorow at school, however, Haley has a fever tonight (101.8) and she isn't feeling good, so hopefully we will be able to make it tommorow and leave right afterwards. Laura