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2:00 PM (Susan posting): Happy Birthday to Sophie! Sophie is having a good third birthday. Her counts are too low for a party, but she had a good time opening presents from us and our family this morning. We bought a little cake for her to eat later tonight. Ms. Dawn gave us the really good idea to get her a My First LeapPad, so Oma got her one, and several people gave her some books to go with it. We also got her a playdough activity table. That has been a big hit (and a big mess). She and Elisabeth both got some nice clothes too. There were books from Oma and Grammy, and she also got the makeup she had been asking for. Don't try to help her put it on though--she wants to do it all by herself, thank you very much!

Randall and Elisabeth are at church for a kids' activity day (and a celebration of the end of school--though I'm not sure I feel like celebrating the fact that we'll now have two girls at home all day). It's too bad Sophie can't be there too, but she's having a good nap, and she doesn't know what she's missing. Maybe we'll watch one of the DVDs she got for her birthday. I'm looking forward to seeing The Incredibles.

Swan Lake was great last night. Elisabeth was such a grown up little lady. We got there very early, so we had nearly an hour to wait, but we passed the time talking and reading the program. She really enjoyed the first half, but she was very tired for the second half and fell asleep at 10:05. There was only another half hour after that, but it was the most exciting, interesting part (the struggle between the sorceror and the prince and swan princess in the lake-very neat effects for the rough waters), so I was sorry she missed it. We got home at about 11:30 (she slept the whole way), and I put her straight to bed. She didn't sleep in a bit and was up at 7:30. I'm sure after playing hard this afternoon, she's going to be totally wiped out tonight.