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10:00 PM (Randall posting): Susan and Elisabeth are off to Raleigh to see Swan Lake at the BTI Center. Elisabeth is pretty excited about seeing a ballet. Sophie is in bed and has been there for a couple of hours.

It's been a good day. Today was Elisabeth's last day of school. There was an awards ceremony (Susan went, I stayed at home with Sophie), and Elisabeth got all kinds of awards (sounds like lots of kids got lots of awards--normally the awards assembly lasts under an hour, this one went for more than 1 1/2 hours). She also got to ride the schoolbus home, which was also very exciting.

Sophie has seemed to have more energy today than in the past few days. Her color seems to be improving as well, so maybe her counts are perking up more quickly than they did the last time we took a break from the chemotherapy. On top of that, her appetite has also picked up quite a bit today. She's been eating a lot of Go-gurt (Scooby Doo Go-gurt, of course), but she's also taken an interest in mandarin oranges. Given how averse she has been to otherwise healthy food (yogurt is healthy, right?), it's been quite a turn for her to want to eat yogurt and fruit (even if it is just canned oranges).