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7:30 PM (Susan posting): We've had a pretty good day. The girls watched a little more TV than we normally like them to, but they also enjoyed playing outside. Elisabeth has also been learning how to do laundry and has been helping with chores around the house. Randall and Elisabeth ran errands again during Sophie's 3-hour nap. Unfortunately, her nap ended with lots of fussing, which was shortly followed by an accident in her sister's bed. Very frustrating.

Her appetite has been huge, and she generally only wants to eat lots of one thing at any particular meal. She ate 7 go-gurts this morning for breakfast, and at dinner tonight, she ate lots of sliced turkey (and a few apples). For dessert, while the rest of us enjoyed some of Sophie's birthday cake, Sophie insisted on having (can you guess?) a go-gurt.


More go-gurts, huh? Silly kid. I wonder what the food-the-week will be next week? I enjoyed her knock-knock joke, too :)