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9:05 PM (Randall posting): It has been something of a trying day. Susan left early this morning for work and I woke up with a migraine. The girls slept in a little bit (Elisabeth more than Sophie), and for a good part of the morning neither one was terribly demanding. Sophie seems to have tapered off the Go-gurt today, which is probably a good thing. Our food of choice today would have to be a tie between Scooby Doo macaroni and cheese (not bad) and tortilla chips. There has been a lot of TV today, a lot of running and screaming up and down the hallway, and a lot of bickering between the two girls. Did I mention I had a migraine?

On the bright side, Sophie's potty training seems to be going very well once again. We had quite a setback the last couple of days. Today, Sophie was able to actually make it to the potty in the nick of time more than once. She always insists when we ask, "Do you need to go potty?" that no, she does not need to go potty. Of course, thirty seconds later she goes running to the bathroom.

My plan for tomorrow is much less TV, and (weather permitting) more time outside to enjoy the season.


Your day sounds alot like ours; most any given day. I know how you must feel, I feel overwhelmed most of the time but then again it depends on what a 'normal' day really is suppose to be like with 3 girls. It's all good!! Have a wonderful day and hope you guys can get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine!! Tell Sophie Hi from Madelyn Love and prayers Deanna

Glad to know that Sara Katherine is not the only one who says "no" to the question of whether she has to go or not. One day as soon as her daddy asked the question and she said no, she wet the floor. So now whether or not she says yes, we "try" to go, which most times is successful but doesn't make her feel like we made her go. Anyway, good luck with the potty training and I am sure she will have good days and bad. But in the end, she will get it. Hope your migraine is gone and today will be a better day. Maybe the girls can play outside and get really tired for a long nap.