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9:30 PM (Susan posting): Today was a better day. I did a little bit of work (mostly putting out fires), and Randall was able to make some progress on his sermons. Sophie and I went for a walk this morning while Elisabeth and Randall played in the building (he cleaned it out earlier this week and made a play area). After lunch, Elisabeth and I did our weekly grocery shopping at Walmart (that's not where we usually go, but we needed something they don't carry at the grocery store). It was a LONG shopping trip, and I was totally exhausted by the time we got home. The extra time I've been spending at work lately is starting to catch up with me. Speaking of work, I found out this morning that a close colleague (and friend) of mine at work was admitted to the hospital with a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung), following surgery he had a few weeks ago for a torn achilles tendon. I've been worried about him all day and am keeping him and his family (wife and 8-year-old son) in my thoughts.

I mentioned yesterday that Randall and Elisabeth will be traveling next week. They are flying to New Mexico so Randall can attend the New Mexico Annual Conference (it's a regional meeting of the United Methodist Church). They will be gone Tuesday through Monday. Elisabeth will stay with our friends Barbara and Jeremy while Randall is at the conference. Barbara and Jeremy have two kids who are very close in age to Elisabeth and Sophie. Jacquelyn and Elisabeth were very good friends, so they are both very excited to be able to spend so much time together. On Sunday, Randall will preach at First UMC in downtown Albuquerque, where we were members when we lived there.

We had a nice visit this evening with our good friend Jean from Boulder and her sister. They were visiting family and stopped by to see us. We had dinner together and got caught up on all our mutual friends. Our house was pretty far out of their way, so we certainly did appreciate the effort they took to come see us. Sophie took to both of them immediately. Every time she said something to them, she would begin with "Hey, friends!" Food of the day is still Go-gurt (9 tubes).