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10:45 PM (Susan posting): Where yesterday was trying, today was tiring. Randall is feeling much better and had a good day with the girls. The way I hear it, they did all kinds of fun things. I worked 11 hours today (and commuted for over 2 and a half hours), so needless to say, I'm exhausted. I did get to take a nice walk down the dirt path with Randall and the girls after dinner, and that was the highlight of my day. Tomorrow I'll be home, trying to do as little work as possible so Randall can have some much-needed time to prepare sermons for the next two weeks (he'll be on the road next week with Elisabeth).


Yikes! That's a long day that you had. I hope that you are not feeling too low. I hope that today went well. Where will Randall and Elisabeth be going on their trip? I hope that Sophie is feeling well and enjoying her "food-of-the-day".