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11:00 AM: Just got a call from Randall, and they are on their way home from the clinic. The results from her blood test were good. Her counts are dropping, but nothing is too low yet. No transfusions today, and her white counts are still good enough to be out in public. Randall said he saw lots of familiar faces at the clinic--other kids we see from week to week. It's nice to reconnect and see how well they are doing.


Praise God for the good report, glad the trip went well and wasn't so lengthy. Hope you have a wonderful afternoon and can enjoy this beautiful weather. God's grace is still sufficient for us!! Lve and Prayers!! Deanna

Great news!! Glad to hear that the visit went well today, it is time for some good news. Glad to hear that Sophie will still get to be around others. Sara Katherine enjoyed seeing her the other day at daycare. She talks about her often.

I'm so glad the reports were good hopefully it will be good news from here on out. We'll keep praying for God to put his healing hands on Sophie and keep giving you all strength. Take care. Laura