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9:20 AM (Randall posting): We never got around to posting last night--too busy and too tired after the day. We had a good clinic visit yesterday. Sophie and I got in about 8:00am, and since Sophie did not need sedation, everything was more or less expedited. Dr. Gold commented on how much Sophie has kept her hair. I guess by this time many kids have already lost a great deal of hair. Other than the first month or so when her hair was really falling out, it hasn't been too bad. I don't think the hair loss ever bothered her that much, other than getting hair in her face or in in her mouth all the time, but I guess it is nice that this obvious side effect has not been too bad for Sophie. It also makes her look less sick--given how active she is, unless you look closely and notice how thin her hair is or how pale she looks, she looks healthy.

Sophie's counts are definitely dropping, but her ANC is still above the "worry zone" where we get anxious about infections. We have one more week of treatment in this phase. There is no at-home chemotherapy this week or next and we have only one chemotherapy drug at the clinic next week (vincristine). I'm fairly certain there will be a breather for us after next week while Sophie recovers and before we head into the next phase of her treatment.

Thanks for all your comments and support as we walk through this whole process. I know many of you don't keep up day-to-day but check in when you can. If you are unable to post a comment on previous entries, it is because we tend to keep the comments open only on the most recent posts, otherwise we get SPAM comments on the site. We cannot fully express how much we appreciate all your support--Thank you!