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5/4/05 PM

5:15 PM: We've had a pretty good day so far (still lots of activity before bedtime). Randall decided we should try to work on potty training again. (Unfortunately, Sophie was pretty much potty-trained a few weeks before her diagnosis, but all that time confined to a hospital bed made us revert to diapers again, and none of us have been ready until now to work on it). She had a couple of accidents today (one was my fault--got busy working and forgot to prompt her to go) but has used the potty several times. We're using M&M's as an incentive.

I successfully passed the tests to get my NC driver's license today (my NM license expires tomorrow--nothing like procrastination, huh?). I worked hard to study for the written test. Did you know that according to NC law, you're supposed to beep your horn when passing to alert the driver in front of you that you're about to pass? That seems pretty aggressive to me.

Randall worked hard today to prepare for a final exam in one of his classes tomorrow (it's in the afternoon). It will be a relief to have those responsibilities behind him so he can focus on his job (and us!). He's going to take an incomplete in one class (he has to write a 25-page paper), but that won't be too hard to take care of over the summer.

Tonight is the last night of revival. It's been nice to spend so much time with our church family, but it will be nice to no longer rush around every night (of course, I have women's meeting tomorrow night!).


way to go on the potty training i know from being with sophie when she was at school that she will re pick up the potty training fast she did great the last time and i know you are all looking forward to diaper free days glad to hear he counts are still up and she seems to be doing well as always you are in my prayers and thoughts daily Ms Dawn

I hope the potty training goes smoothly for you and for Sophie. Congratulations on passing your driving test... Best wishes, Gwyneth