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3:00 PM: Happy Mother's Day! It's been a beautiful day today. The girls have been very well-behaved all day (so far), and the weather is gorgeous. We had breakfast together this morning, and Randall let me open the gifts he bought for me--a necklace and pair of earrings. Yesterday, Elisabeth gave me her gifts--several drawings, a flowering plant (with a pot she decorated), and a card with a flowerpot on the front. Inside the flowerpot are four flowers, and on the inside was written: "Pick a flower and you will see--The jobs you can expect from me. I'll do them all without a bother--because I love you so much mother." There were four flowers in the flowerpot, and Elisabeth had written the following jobs on the stems:

  1. I will give medicine in Sophie's tail
  2. I will carry her to the bathroom
  3. Clean Sophie up
  4. Play with her nicely

I like that last one the best! I thought it was interesting that all the items were about Sophie and that she hadn't picked more household chores. It just shows how focused we all are on Sophie lately, I suppose. Sophie has continued to do well today with potty training. She still hasn't woken up from her nap, but she made it through her nap yesterday without an accident, and we have our fingers crossed for today.

Dawn is coming over in about an hour to watch the girls while Randall and I go out to dinner. He mentioned possibly going to Durham to do a little shopping before dinner. It's been a while since we've had a chance to go out on a "date," and we've really been looking forward to it.


Happy Mother's Day to you, Susan! I hope that you will have a nice evening with Randall. Elisabeth's present sounds delightful :)

Happy Mother's Day to you, too. I thought about you earlier today and I was thinking of how deserving you are on this Mother's Day with all you have been through this year. Enjoy your date. Laura
P.S. My husband is very interested in a web site for his retriever business. Let me know when you will have time and what things he will need to give you.

Happy Mother's Day! Talking with you made it special for us. I hope you had a great date and that the girls enjoyed Ms. Dawn. I'm so glad you have her to look after the girls so that you and Randall can have time together. Lots of positive energy is heading your way, as it does every day!