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5/8/05 PM

10:00 PM: We had a lovely evening out. I had so much fun and feel so relaxed and refreshed. We did a bit of shopping (mostly looking, but that was fun too) at the mall near where we used to live, had dinner, then drove up near Duke to a dessert place before heading home.

Unfortunately, when we got home we learned that while Dawn was out with the girls for dinner, Sophie got carsick (well, she vomited, and we assume that was the cause), which made Elisabeth gag and throw up as well. It made quite a mess, and Dawn worked very hard to clean things up as well as she could (sorry Dawn!). She tried to let us know by leaving voice mail, but she left the messages on the phone we had left at home. But it all worked out in the end. We'll see how Sophie does overnight, but she seems to be doing fine now that she's home.