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6/2/05 AM

9:00 AM (Susan posting): We had a great night. Sophie was eager to head to bed at 8:30, and she stayed up "reading" her leap-pad until about 9:00. I stayed up later than I meant to reading, but I still was able to get a good eight hours of sleep (with one brief interruption from Sophie, who went back to sleep after I re-covered her with her blanket). She doesn't seem to be suffering from any side effects so far, but things like mouth sores will probably take a few days to be obvious. I'm being very careful to brush her teeth regularly.

One of the daycare workers (Megan) from Countryside is here today with Sophie while I take care of some work things (lots of meetings by phone today, and I haven't worked a full day since last Thursday, so I have some catching up to do).


Glad to hear that all is going well this time after treatment, hope you can get alot of work accomplished today. I'm sure Sophie and Elisabeth are enjoying this "me" special time right now, although they are probably missing one another as well.Have a great day Love and Prayers Deanna Tew

I've just caught up with the past couple days and am reminded of the path you are all treading. I am so glad that this round of treatments is going well, so far. Take care and God bless each one of you.

I hope that you will have a productive day at work today and that Sophie is feeling well. Are Elisabeth and Randall having a good trip?