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6/21/05 2:00

2:00 PM (Randall posting): Susan just called to say that she and Sophie are heading home from the clinic. All seemed to go well, except that it took a while to get Sophie "hooked up" with the chemotherapy (they didn't start until 12:00 or 12:30). Sophie was complaining about her ear hurting and it turns out that she has the beginnings of an ear infection. We'll get her some additional antibiotics (the drugstore loves to see us coming) and keep a close eye on her. The biggest concern with the ear infection is that it might cause a fever, which might be nothing or might be something other than an ear infection, so it would mean a trip to the hospital just in case. Seeing as we were planning on going to the beach next week, that might put a kink in our vacation plans.

Elisabeth, Sophie, and I will go to the clinic tomorrow (for Elisabeth's first official trip to the clinic, after five months). I can't quite tell if Elisabeth is interested or not in the whole thing, but we'll find out tomorrow.


Glad to hear that everything went well today. I am so grateful that they found the ear infection today and hopefully you won't have to make at trip to the hospital at the beach. I am sure she will be feeling better soon. I am certain Elisabeth will be a great help tomorrow looking after Sophie, like big sisters do. It was great to hear that Sophie's counts are still doing good. Hope you have a good evening and good luck tomorrow on your journey.