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6/21/05 PM

8:00 PM (Susan posting): We had a relatively good trip to the clinic today. We saw some old friends and made some new ones. There were some volunteers there for hours today playing music and doing art with the kids. It's always nice to see people willing to give of themselves that way. And as always, there was pizza. I don't know who donates that, but it sure is appreciated by all.

Sophie handled her medicines well, and they said she's definitely not showing any signs of the side effects they would be looking for as they increase the dosage of IV methotrexate (it's such an odd medicine--it looks like antifreeze or gatorade going into her). She's having pretty bad diarrhea tonight. She's had that reaction before following a clinic visit, but that's odd because the normal reaction to these meds is constipation. She still has quite a lot of her hair, and what had fallen out is starting to grow back in. It's really quite remarkable. She just doesn't look like a kid who has cancer, and on some level we find that comforting.

By the way, on the way home from dance class, we got a good look at the chicken truck tonight. He has a web site: http://chickenmanusa.com/. You know, you just can't be picky about what you find entertaining out here in the country! We also found out from some of our friends at church that the chicken man is actually not the same person who was holding the perpetual yard sale (he died, unfortunately, and his house was sold or rented to these folks).

Sophie really has been developing her own little vocabulary lately. In addition to "very imbustible," Sophie also runs through the house yelling "yiparooskie" at random moments. No idea what it means, but it clearly means something to her three year-old brain. We're assuming this is not related to the chemotherapy.