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10:30 PM (Susan posting): We're all home--finally! It sounds like Randall and Sophie had a pretty good day. She took a short nap this morning but skipped her nap this afternoon and was much more active. They picked Elisabeth up at around 7:30 and came home.

My flight was supposed to leave Seattle this morning at 8:50 but was delayed for over an hour because some paranoid person decided they didn't like the look of another passenger and demanded to be let off the plane after we had already begun to taxi for takeoff. It was all very exciting and also frustrating, because most everyone (including me and the person I was traveling with) missed thier connecting flights. Luckily, we got booked on the next flight, which was just 80 minutes later. We also couldn't be too irritated, because for some reason, RTI's travel agency had booked us in first class all the way back, so we were pretty comfortable. I think I could get used to that. Anyhow, I finally got home around 9:45, and am happy to be back. Oh, and I am feeling well since my fall. My ankle is pretty much back to normal (no more limping) and I'm not sore all over like I was, but I have some nasty-looking bruises on my knees. I won't be wearing shorts out in public for a while, that's for sure. Maybe the public is quietly thanking me and would have preferred not to see my alabaster legs regardless of the extent of my bruising!