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9:00 PM (Susan posting): It's been a tiring day. I'm still jet-lagged, so it was hard to get up this morning (felt like 4:00). We enjoyed church, although it wore Sophie out, and I took her home after the service instead of staying for Sunday School. We spent some time at home this afternoon and weren't able to line up a sitter for date night, so we took the kids with us. It was fun, and we'll just spend some time together talking now that the kids are in bed before we head to bed ourselves.

No new symptoms or side-effects to report for Sophie. She is still eating small amounts multiple times per day and asks to lie down fairly frequently (and actually naps sometimes). Her cheeks don't seem any puffier at the end of the day than they did at the beginning, and I didn't see clumps of hair falling out today (although we pretty much avoid brushing her hair unless we absolutely have to).

Elisabeth seems to be enjoying being home. She spent some time this afternoon showing off the things she brought home from her trip. She also told us that Oma had been training her "to like Sophie better", and she thinks it seems to be working. I think we need to hear more about that from Oma!