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10:00 PM: One more day of steroids, and not a minute too soon. Sophie is so clearly uncomfortable (we think she's starting to get stretch marks--poor thing!). She was up several times during the night, as usual, and I tried to get up with her most of the time so Randall could be as well-rested as possible for the service this morning. One thing that's not so bad about getting up in the middle of the night is that I can read a book while Sophie is shoveling the food in. She's too busy eating for any sort of meaningful conversation anyhow, so I figure it's okay to bend our rule about not reading at the table when the kids are there.

I knew the last two times we tried to take her to church, it really wiped her out, so I arranged a sitter. It was a good sermon today, so I'm glad I didn't have to miss it. I came home right after the service and didn't stay for Sunday school (so the sitter could go to church too).

[I can't even write this update without getting interrupted for a snack (pizza, orange juice, and medicine)].

We had a nice lunch at home, and I took a fairly long nap (Sophie slept during part of it). We realized this afternoon that her dressing was starting to peel up around the edges (it's not due to be changed until tomorrow), probably due to all the sweating she does while she sleeps. So we decided to change it a day early. She didn't get the least bit upset, and it went really well. I never would have thought a few months ago that the dressing change could ever be a pleasant experience. Having her pull it off herself has made all the difference. After the dressing change, Sophie insisted she wanted to go out to lunch, but it was already 4:00. So I decided to take her down to the Grocery Barn and get her a slice of pizza. She was very excited about our "date" but was ready to come home after eating just a few bites. She gets tired so easily.

Our sitter came back again tonight so Randall could go to a meeting at church and I could take care of some grocery shopping. Then Randall and I went out for a quick dinner together. Sophie cried a lot both times we left her today. It's hard to see her so miserable and clingy. We are really looking forward to having her back to normal (or at least to how things were before steroids).