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1:30 PM Neither Susan nor I posted an update yesterday. Weekends seem to be "down time" on the blog anyway, and Susan and I had gone to a party hosted by one of Susan's co-workers. I spent much of the morning getting prepared for worship, and had the evening (mostly) free from worrying about bulletins and sermons and the like. Ms. Patti from church came and stayed with the girls. Both girls were very pleased and excited she came--Elisabeth had been looking forward to it for days. It was nice having "date night" on a different night. In fact, I think Saturday night might be a great time to have date night in the future.

Sophie is doing very well. She had been constipated, but that cleared up last night (sorry, Patti!). She has been a source of boundless energy and enthusiasm all day today. It's amazing! Elisabeth is likewise doing very well. Both girls have been in need of a bath, so we're getting them cleaned up now (Sophie finished up in the tub a while ago and Elisabeth will get out soon). We're looking forward to a quiet afternoon at home and Bible Study this evening. We're not sure yet if we'll go out on a "date" as a family afterwards or if we'll stay at home.

Thanks again to all of you for your support, your comments, your love, and your prayers. It has meant a great deal to me personally and to us as a family to have so many of you express support for us this past week. Treatment wise, I'd like to think that we're coming to the end of this particular phase. Sophie goes in the next two Wednesdays and that will be it. Of course, this Wednesday is her final PEG shot (sort of a celebration, although not a happy one), and next week she'll just get vincristine. We finished administering the ARA-C on Friday, and her final dose of thioguanine is tomorrow night. Granted, there will be a whole host of drugs in the next round of treatment, but that will be the final phase, and something to look forward to.