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10:00 PM We had a bit of a scare with Sophie today. It was another rough night, and Sophie ended up crawling in bed with me some time early this morning. Around 4AM, she got pretty restless and told me that she was going to "sick" and needed a bucket. Part of me is thankful that her three-year old brain can sort through all these things and be so nonchalant about it all, but part of me is heartbroken that throwing up is no big deal to her. She was obviously quite nauseated, but never did throw up, and eventually went back to sleep. I had to wake her up to get Elisabeth off to the bus and she was clearly not herself all morning. She said that her stomach hurt (Elisabeth said that her stomach hurt, too--maybe it was my cooking from last night). Sophie was pretty listless all morning and ate hardly anything. Late in the morning she ran a bit of a temp, but not over 100 degrees. I ran errands (had to buy sausage and bacon because Her Royal Highness requested them) and when I came back, Sophie was already napping. She basically fell asleep on her own while Shatesha vacuumed the living room. Sophie does not fall asleep while the vacuum is on in the house, that is just not like her, but she slept for a couple of hours and, thankfully, seemed more herself all afternoon. I was quite worried and had worked out all sorts of contingency plans for getting Sophie up to UNC and Elisabeth with some of our friends here (if Sophie runs a temp higher than 101, we need to get her to the hospital).

On my errand run, I stopped by Countryside to give them an update and let them know that Sophie might be able to come back in a couple of weeks. Actually, if her counts hold up, I thought I might take her by some time next week for a visit. They seemed really excited to have Sophie back soon, and I'm sure she'll be thrilled to be back with all her friends. She still talks about all the folks at Countryside, although she reminds me (sadly) that Ms. Dawn isn't there anymore, since she moved to Virginia.

With everything seemingly better, we had a wonderful afternoon and evening at home together. I watched TV with the girls and we all ate popcorn and laughed at SpongeBob Squarepants. Both girls went to bed relatively easily tonight, although Sophie just woke up crying a couple of minutes ago and I had to tend to her. I'll be grateful to have Susan home tomorrow, and I know the girls will be happy to have her back. It's not been too bad with her gone, but it sure is better when we're all home!

Since Sophie wasn't feeling well today, she was a little "cute-challenged," but here goes:

We were in a rush to get Elisabeth out the door this morning (since it was "dress-up day" at school, it took longer to get her going), and I just picked Sophie up in her pajamas and carried her out to the minivan. As we pulled up to the end of the driveway, the bus was stopping for Elisabeth (talk about cutting it close!). We got Elisabeth on the bus and Sophie and I came back to the house. As we came back in the house, Sophie got all irritated with me for forgetting her blankie because she was cold. I suggested that she help me remember next time that we need to bring her blankie. This afternoon, as we went to get Elisabeth, Sophie said, "Don't forget my blankie!" She seemed almost as pleased with herself for remembering it as I was with her.