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7:00 AM: I see that neither of us got around to doing an update yesterday. It was a day full of work. Randall has a midterm exam (take home, three essays) due today at 4:00, and he has spent quite a lot of time working on it. Last night, he worked until 11:00. He just has one more essay to write today. He's starting the day with a headache, so I hope that won't interfere too much with his progress.

Tonight, Randall and Elisabeth will join other dads and their kids from church on a weekend camping trip. The camp is just on the other side of Fayetteville, and they are really looking forward to it. They'll come home Sunday afternoon, so the church (the ones who aren't camping, at least) will have a guest pastor.

Sophie and I will be leaving this morning to visit my mom and grandmother. We're hoping a visit from Sophie will really perk Nannie up, since she hasn't been feeling very energetic. I'm looking forward to long and wonderful talks with mom after the the other two go to sleep. Sophie has been feeling well, and she's not even due for any medicine during our time there, so it should be a pretty stress-free weekend.

It's unlikely we will be able to do updates while we are gone. Randall won't have any internet access, and mom's internet access can be unreliable, especially when it's been raining (which it certainly has lately). So, if we don't check in sooner, we'll let you know how we're all doing on Sunday night.