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6:30 PM: We're having a good time at Grammy and Nannie's house. We arrived yesterday just after lunch time. We had stopped on the road earlier at a McDonald's, because we got hungry. It was a rather strange experience. I did the drive-through so that I wouldn't have to take Sophie inside (her ANC was pretty reasonable on Wednesday, but I don't know how quickly it was dropping). I didn't have any cash, so I handed the lady my credit card after I had ordered. She said she couldn't take cards at "this register" (implying that other registers would accept the card). When I told her I didn't have cash, she asked if I wanted to cancel the order. I said no and told her I couldn't come inside because I had a child with cancer in the back seat who couldn't be exposed to lots of people. I don't think I've ever played the "cancer card" (and it made me feel guilty to do so), but boy did she turn her attitude around. She spoke with the manager, who ran the card at another register inside, and they couldn't have been more polite and friendly after that. In fact, when she handed me the card back, she gave us an extra Happy Meal toy (the toddler version, which Sophie has really enjoyed) and said "God Bless you." It was nice to get what we needed, but I sure did hate having to be manipulative to get it.

Sophie has been flitting around the house, making everyone laugh and smile. Mom says Nannie is smiling and laughing more than she had been, so Sophie seems to be doing a good job of cheering her up.

Randall called from the road as he and Elisabeth were headed to the camp. They had all stopped for dinner on the way there, and it took a long time, so he was getting antsy to get there. He hasn't called since, so I don't know whether he doesn't have a signal or they've just been too busy. It stopped raining here today, so I hope they're having good weather.

Sophie seems to be feeling well and has a good appetite. She's getting several ugly bruises, so I think her platelets are getting pretty low. I wouldn't be surprised if she needs a platelet transfusion on Wednesday when she goes back to the clinic.


I am glad that you have arrived safely in VA. I am especially happy that Sophie is able to cheer Nannie. I only wish that I could drive down to see all of you too. I am working in Cumberland this weekend. It has been busy. I had a 34 weeker born yesterday afternoon that I shipped out to Winchester is morning. I hear back from them now that they are sending her to UVA because of high blood pressure in her lungs (pulmonary hypertension for any medical type people besides me who read this web site). Winchester had to start a medical gas called Nitric Oxide which dilates the blood vessels to the lungs. When we start that in Winchester, we have to send the baby to a higher care NICU than we have because if the baby fails Nitric Oxide, they have to be placed on heart-lung bypass like they do for adults having open heart surgery only the way it happens is different. In Winchester we have NO pediatric anesthesia or pediatric surgeons, so the babies have to go elsewhere. I am hoping that she does okay and doesn't need ECMO (heart-lung bypass).
The grandkids are doing a little better, I think. There are still moments of intense fellowship, but I think it is a little less frequent. I have a meeting at the school on Thursday for Adriane and an individualized educational plan. On Monday evening there is Open House where you can see the kids class room, review their work, etc. I am going and I think Christopher is going to try and come too. I know he is planning on attending the Thursday meeting. I plan on telling the extra support teachers that Adriane is using them - in that she says when she doesn't want to do some piece of homework that the teacher will tell her in the morning. I called her on that once already and made her work out the answer to the problem before school the next day. Adriane has learned to manipulate the system at an early age! Nathan started basketball practice on Thursday. He is very excited about that. He needs some work in dribbling at waist level and holding the ball better, but all in all doesn't do a bad job. I was going to get him a basketball before I left for Cumberland, but with it raining, I figured it would only get him in trouble at my parent's home.
Enjoy your time with your mom and Nannie. Drive safely. Hugs and kisses all around. Love, Eileen