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8:45 PM Today has been a beautiful day here in North Carolina! It felt and looked and sounded like spring. Unfortunately, there seems to be a very nasty cold going around (obviously, since Sophie has been sick). Many people in the church have had this latest virus, and it seems to manifest itself with a pretty serious cough.

Susan is definitely under the weather, and she is so stressed about work I'm sure that she's struggling to stay afloat. She's not sleeping well at night, either, which doesn't help. Susan seriously considered going to the doctor's today, but couldn't squeeze in a visit between her meetings and appointments at work.

Sophie still coughs every now and then, but for the most part seems to be feeling well. She was very chipper this morning when I got her ready for school (for a change, usually Wednesdays are a real challenge). Not much to report other than sick call. We had an Ash Wednesday service at church tonight that was better-attended than I expected. I had a productive day at home (preparing for worship and getting caught up on bills and whatnot--I can finally see that there is a surface to my desk other than piles of paperwork and mail)


Randall - I'm glad that you can see your desk! Mine is not quite so clear. It's terrific that the interviews went well. At what point do you know the results? Tell Susan I'm thinking of her - hope she gets this cold under control in a hurry. Blessings jmb