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7:30 PM: It's been a while I have posted. I'm still feeling very crummy. I did manage to go to the doctor's office this morning. He said I probably have a viral upper respiratory infection, but because of the risk to Sophie and because I'm wheezing so much, he prescribed augmentin (and a decongestant/anithistamine and cough syrup with codeine). I picked it all up at lunch and have taken my first dose of antibiotics. Taking the full dose of cough medicine regularly seems to be the only thing that keeps me from hacking constantly (our family is pretty tired of hearing me cough).

Sophie is still coughing a lot too, but she's sleeping through the night (unlike her mother) and seems to be feeling well. She said she enjoyed school today (and was especially pleased with her snack of vanilla wafers with peanut butter). Elisabeth rode the bus home today and enjoyed riding her bike outside (did we mention that she now rides without training wheels?).

Cute Sophie story: Last night when Randall turned on Sophie's music, he started wiggling his behind in time to the music, and Sophie said, "Ooh yeah--shake it!"