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10:48 PM: It's so good to be home, and together as a family. We all slept very well last night. I got up at midnight to administer her antibiotics (and again at 1:00 to "cap her off" by putting saline and heparin in her line to keep it from clotting until the next administration). Once we get it warmed up from being in the refrigerator (it's actually a lot like warming a bottle), we can take care of it pretty quickly, so I can go back to sleep without too much trouble. We managed to back up the times today (we are supposed to give it every 8 hours, but we can give it up to one hour early or one hour late as needed), I just hooked her up a few minutes ago, and she didn't even wake up.

She was pretty upset about the dressing change--more than normal, and I don't know why. She has gotten much better about telling us why she's upset about things, but all she could say is that it hurt. After I finished, I lightly touched where it goes into her chest and asked if it hurt (it did). Then I touched other parts of the dressing, which she claimed also hurt. Then I touched her elbow, and she said that hurt too and started giggling, so it's hard to know what's really going on.

We had a nice day today while Elisabeth was away at school. She was in a great mood and entertained herself pretty well for the most part. We went out to lunch (ate fast food in the car) and went grocery shopping in a nearly-empty grocery store. She is totally willing to wear a mask in public (especially now that we have cute kid-sized Mickey Mouse masks from the hospital), which is huge change from a few months ago.

Update on T'yanna: They inserted tubes in her back for drainage Sunday night and actually did surgery again today for the biopsy. I talked to her dad tonight, and he said the doctors found that she does have a tumor in her abdomen (which is really distressing to hear), but they really won't know anything until they get the results of the biopsy back in a day or two. I hope they can manage her pain until then and that when the results come back, it will turn out to be something harmless. News of relapses is always very upsetting, so I hope that's not what they're facing. Please keep her and her family in your thougths and prayers. They need to hear good news.


Glad to hear that you all are home and things seem to be going rather well. Know that we continually pray for Sophie and all of you. We will also be praying for Tyanna. Have a blessed day Deanna Tew

It's great that you're home. I hope that sleeping in your own bed and a return to a 'normal' routine will help with the patience issue. (Prayers from friends too!)
My sister, Debbie, says to say Hi to everyone.