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10:55 PM Well, it's certainly good to be back. Sophie and Elisabeth both gave me very welcoming hugs when we saw each other today. I actually left the North Carolina Annual Conference a little early to get home earlier. Susan and the girls were still at Bob and Patti's when I got home--sounds like Sophie and Elisabeth had a terrific time with Bob and Patti, although I think the girls wore them out. We're so used to the day-to-day challenges and stresses of getting the girls going, tending to them, and the like that we forget sometimes how demanding it can be! I hope that the girls haven't worn out their welcome!

I know that I was only gone for a couple of days, but both girls seemed so grown up. Both had a little bit of sun from the Down on the Farm camp (Elisabeth more than Sophie), and I think Sophie's hair is even longer than I remember it. After we got Sophie down for a short nap, we went up the road to Spivey's Corner for the National Hollering Contest. Our church was selling hamburgers and hotdogs for a fundraiser. I think both girls had a good time--Elisabeth even saw a good friend from school. Sophie got pretty cranky, though, so we left shortly after the winner was announced. The general grumpiness continued through bathtime, but both girls went to bed pretty easily, so I suspect they were just tired.