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8:15 PM: What a difference a day makes! I am in such a better state of mind tonight than I was 24 hours ago. I took two benadryl last night (and slept really well), and I've had no more itching even though I haven't taken any benadryl today. I suppose I really got what I deserved last night, because I'm constantly stirring up the fire ants just to watch how quickly they scurry. Anyhow, I drove in this morning (with a fair amount of traffic, but I left early, so I wasn't late), and this seminar did a great job of distracting me from my work stresses and may even be giving me some really practical ideas for working on them. The training is being held off-site in a really nice training center with lots of amenities, and I really like the other people attending the session.

Tonight, I attended a social gathering at work (a picnic) and enjoyed hanging out with friends. Most folks were also going to go to a baseball game (Durham Bulls) but I decided to head back to the hotel (where I have a very nice room), do a bit of work, and relax. I took a shower, got on the computer, and found out that I got a reprieve on what I had to do, so I don't have to do any work tonight (granted, I could do work, but I think pampering myself is a higher priority).

I checked in with Bob and Patti, and the girls had a great day and were outside riding their bicycle and tricycle. Taking a break from parenting feels like a real luxury, and I know the girls are in great hands. I have also talked with Randall a few times, and it sounds like he's enjoying himself, making good connections, and hearing about interesting issues.


I'm so glad to hear that today is going better for you! You definitely deserve a night to pamper yourself. Enjoy it!

So glad that you had a better day! Also happy to hear that your training has been a positive experience, and that you got a reprieve from some of your work stress and deadlines. Glad that you got a night off - after the previous yucky day I'm sure it was much needed! Hope that the rest of the training goes well and that you have a good weekend.

Look forward to meeting you soon.


Blessings on you Susan - We all have days like that and I for one, would just as soon pass them on to someone else (like God, I guess) It was terrific that there were friends to help and to listen. Enjoy your quiet time. Hi to Randall and the girls
Love Jean

Hi, Susan,

It's been ages and ages since we've been in touch. I'm in the midst of redesigning the music images collection and music resources of long ago that you gave me for my website's music resources section, and I thought I'd come on over to your site and see how things are going. (I'll have the redesign online before long - it's had the same old, tired design now for so many years...ugh. Access the old 1998 green design for now via http://skdesigns.com/internet/music/. The new design will have a similar dark red topmast strip and colors as my main business site design http://skdesigns.com/. Hopefully it will be online by the end of the month or sooner.)

I'm so sorry to hear about Sophie's leukemia and all that this means. I will keep you all in my prayers.

It sounds like you're all as busy as ever, too. I'm glad you're getting some breaks here and there for yourself.

Although we haven't been in touch for awhile, you're often in my thoughts. I'll check back here more often now to keep up to date.

All is going fine with me. My kids are all growing up - my daughter is 23, my son is now 18 and just graduated from high school (unbelievable!). I also have a new book coming out within the next couple of weeks on web design. (That's also why I'm trying to get my neglected older sites redesigned before it's out!) More on the book at http://skdesigns.com/book/ if you want to see. :-) I've been in business 10 years now. I remember back when we were just getting started with all this. Time has flown!

Take care, Susan!