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12/19/06 PM

4:55PM Well, disregard everything that Susan posted earlier. Apparently, there was a gross and unfortunate miscommunication between the doctors and the nurses at the hospital, and Susan was given the very strong (but inaccurate) impression (several times) that they were clear to go home. As it turns out, Sophie's ANC did not improve over yesterday. In fact, it dropped from yesterday (down to 0.2 from 0.4). That, of course, means that her immune system is not yet gaining strength, so she'll need to stay for at least another night, which means at least another round of trauma with the blood draw and even greater anxiety that the IV she currently has (same one since Saturday night) will not hold out much longer and will need to be moved to another site. She's been stuck so many times in both hands and in her left elbow that I worry they will not be able to find an optimal spot for IVs and blood draws, but they're the experts, I guess.

I'm very, very disappointed and frustrated that Sophie is not home yet. Although I understand the medical reasons why she needs to be in the hospital, I'm tired of her being there, I'm tired of our family living separately, and I'm tired of Sophie having to suffer through the needle sticks. I'm totally in a funk as to what I should do tonight (home alone with Elisabeth). I'm in no shape to go anywhere and don't know where I would go if I could--the hospital is too far away. Hopefully, Elisabeth will be cooperative and we'll find a way to entertain ourselves for the evening. She has early release tomorrow, so we'll probably head up around lunch time. Maybe Sophie will come home tomorrow.


Hi Susan, Randall, Elisabeth and Sophie, I am sorry for your disappointment. Randall, perhaps, you and Elisabeth can drive around looking at the Christmas lights. Maybe that chicken place has some funny chicken lights. I am sorry that this bend in the road has all of you a little off balance. It is not fun to be ill at any time and especially not fun during the holiday season. I know that Sophie was healed a long time ago - sometimes it is difficult getting through the process to that healing that is a challenge - perhaps to get us to lean on Him more or trust Him more. Know that each of your are upheld in prayer daily. Hugs and kisses all around. Love, Eileen

I am so sorry. I have been happy all day thinking about all of you being together. I didn't call tonight when I got off from work because I imagined you being together.

We'll hope that tomorrow will bring good things and that Sophie will be well enough to go home.

I love you -- Mary

Ugh! How frustrating and discouraging!! The good news is that this (hopefully) is a short-term problem - there should be no need for Sophie to be in the hospital for months. It is only a matter of a few more days (hopefully). If need be, once Elizabeth is out of school, could you get a motel room close to the hospital so that it would be closer and easier on everyone? Hopefully she will be home by then, but if not then perhaps that would be a way to keep the family closer together and keep the stress down. All of you are in my prayers. Thinking of you, Heidi

I am praying for all of you today. I will do my best to see that Elisabeth has a fun day at school. She performed a dance for the class yesterday to "Run, Run Rudolph". Those little pink boots were definitely getting some action. God bless you all.

Hey guys, I am so sorry to hear the news about Sophie. I talked to Justin's mom yesterday and she said she will be praying for you guys. I trust in God to take care of Sophie and make her better so she can come home. If you need anything let me know.

This is for Sophie from Mary Kathleen. She says I miss you and I love you. I hope to see you at church.

We love you guys and wish you the best. With love the Wells family.