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9:10 PM Greetings from Texas! We rolled into Amarillo late this afternoon and are having some down time before we hit the last few miles into Farwell tomorrow morning. We've had two long days on the road and really wanted to relax a little bit and arrive "fresh" at our new home. We had a great visit with my mom, although we could have stayed longer. For me, the move hung over the whole visit, though, so it wasn't as enjoyable as it otherwise would have been. We got word yesterday (or the day before, I've long ago lost track of time) that our household goods have arrived in Lubbock and will wait there at the terminal until Monday (our scheduled delivery date). I'm really looking forward to getting home and settled. I'm also very excited and anxious about seeing the church and the congregation. I've been waiting for this day for a long, long time.

Thanks for all the prayers for safe travels. We've gotten this far in pretty good shape, with only minor car trouble and not too much of a challenge from the girls (or the cats). Yesterday (TN to Ft. Smith, AR) was definitely the worst day of the trip--a really, really long drive--but it's over with and we are so very happy to have made it this far (and to have less than 2 hours left).