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7:47 AM Good morning from Farwell, Texas! We drove in yesterday around lunchtime and took our time unloading both cars. Several folks from the church here met us and helped us bring things into the house and stayed to visit for a while. Yesterday afternoon, people stopped by from time to time and introduced themselves, which was very nice, especially since we didn't have too much to do other than put away the small amount of things we had brought with us. We are all very happy to be here, although the cats don't seem too convinced we're going to stay, no matter how much we tell them, "this is your new home now!"

We are so very thankful that we had (mostly) good days driving out here and that we had so many opportunities to visit with my family. I'm anxious and eager to get to work here and I know that Susan is anxious and eager to get settled and get into a work routine of her own. The parsonage is more than we were anticipating (for some reason we both had a mental image of a house that we lived in when we first got married). Our household goods will arrive on Monday, and I'm sure that there will be plenty to do after that. We have a pretty good sense of where everything will go, but you know something will come off that truck that we will have to leave in the yard for the afternoon until we figure out what to do with it!

Thanks again to everyone for your prayers as we travel. They have been much appreciated!


I'm so happy yall had a good trip and are there safe. I know Mary is sad, but I know she just wants yall to have a happy life. We were in Stuart on Friday night and ate dinner with Aunts Roberta, Alberta and Eleanor and went back to Roberta's for dessert. Joan & Ira Jr. went with us, it was his birthday. He was 68 and they put a candle in his piece of cake and sang happy birthday to him and he said that was the 1st time in his life anyone had sang to him in a resturant for his birthday! Anyway, am glad you there safe, keep us posted. Lois Ann

So glad you had a good trip, hope all you anticipated will soon be reality for your family. We certainly will miss you but look forward to the updates and great reports of your new start and continuation of what God has in store for you in Texas. When we are in His will we can't go wrong! Tell Sophie hi from Madelyn and we hope Elisabeth and Sophie makes alot of connections with friends quickly! Love and prayers as always, Deanna

I'm glad everything went so well with the cross-country travels. Jennifer and I are thinking of you as you settle in. Talk to you soon!

Hi Randall, Susan, and
Partin Junior Associates --
so it's been interesting to google you and learn so much about the last 4 years so quickly. Emily and I moved to Maine where I'm now the director of the Margaret Chase Smith Center. Emily is
great. We're expecting Ron & Patricia to visit soon.

Email me and we'll catch up. Beams