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4:00 PM (Central): The baton has been passed. I went back to NC for a quick work trip (was gone Monday morning through last night), and Randall left this morning for a church conference in Houston. We talked for about an hour last night, and that's about as much together time as we have had.

That being said, it's been another adventurous day for me (must they happen when Randall is gone??). Elisabeth woke up at 5:30 this morning crying about her foot hurting, so Randall gave her a Tylenol, and then she said her side hurt, and the next thing we knew she had thrown up the Tylenol (and some spit/mucous--no serious stomach content). She went back to bed, and I got her up to take a shower at 6:30, and during that, her side hurt and she threw up again (also all clear). So, I kept her home from school. At around 8:30, she was hungry so I made her some ramen and gave her crackers. She ate almost an entire sleeve of crackers and some ramen and never showed any sign of nausea, and she seemed to feel great--no fever. She REALLY wanted to go to school, so I took her in but made sure they had my cell phone number. I got a call at 1:50 that she needed to be picked up. Elisabeth was all teary and said her side hurt but that she hadn't thrown up again. But when she told the school nurse she had thrown up that morning, the nurse said she should come home because she might be contagious. I think mostly she was feeling sad not because she felt bad, but because she didn't want to leave school (she had a "music memory" practice session at 2:45).

After she got home, she watched some TV and then took a little nap while I went to pick up Sophie. Not long after that, it was time for cheerleading practice (about once in a blue moon, the little girls get to practice with the high school cheerleaders, and Elisabeth was miserable about missing it). I took her temperature (no fever) and decided to go ahead and take her with Sophie. She has dance class tonight too, and she really wants to go to that (not to mention that we left Sophie's whole dance bag there on Monday).

Ugh, am I the worst mother in the world? Did I do the right thing? Is she typhoid Elisabeth and I just unleashed her on the school (twice!!)? It's time to go pick her up. I guess I'll see how she's doing.

5:00PM update: After I picked Elisabeth up, she decided on her own to skip dance class, and her stomach has been bothering her again. I really hope she feels better soon--I don't like seeing her suffer.


No way - you're a great mom! I would have her checked out by a doctor, though. Having the recurring pain in the side could be something serious, such as a urinary tract infection, appendicitis, or something else. Especially because it was associated with vomiting. It could just be that something she ate did not agree with her, but better safe than sorry. Hope she is feeling better soon. Take care, Heidi

Sorry to hear about Elisabeth but next time ask her to point to the spot that hurts so you can tell the doctor if and when you call them. There's a lot of things on the left side, but appendix is on the right--and no fever is a great objective piece of data. Major things always happen when you are by yourself and it seems that you assessed, collected data, intervened, and today I hope she is over the worst part. PS what is her BM pattern? Next time you come east--let me know and I'll meet you for lunch, dinner, or whatever. Hi to all and Love to all.