Wedding Pictures
Susan Brumbaugh and Randall Partin

We hired a professional photographer, Bob DeVaul, to take our posed family pictures before the ceremony. Bob was happy to give his permission to post these pictures on the Internet. The black and white shots were taken by our friend Dave Ranson. The pictures start with the two of us, then just the bride, and then group shots.

Images are 100 pixel width thumbnails. Click on any image to see a full-sized version.

See also, the church and ceremony pictures and the reception pictures.


The men in the wedding party. Left to right:
Brian Dueltgen (college friend)
Randall (the groom)
Steve Mackey (high school friend)
Glenn Beamer (grad school friend)
Left to right:
Francine Sanders, the Maid of Honor (grad school friend)
Susan (the bride)
Randall (the groom)
Steve Mackey, the Best Man (high school friend)
Three generations of women:
Grandmother, Estelle Barnes
Bride, Susan Brumbaugh
Mother, Mary Brumbaugh
Three generations of men:
Groom, Randall Partin
Grandfather, Floyd Partin
Father, Bill Partin
The gigantic extended family picture.

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