Wedding Pictures
Susan Brumbaugh and Randall Partin

The reception took place at the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center. The food, cake, bar, band, and some tables were located in the carpeted gallery. The dancing and more tables were in the adjacent tiled lobby.

The black and white pictures and some color shots on this page were taken by our friend Dave Ranson. Friends and family contributed other photos.

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See also, the church and ceremony pictures and the obligatory posed shots.


Lynchburg Fine Arts Center
The main food table, before the reception. Jim Myers (shown) was our caterer. Both the food and presentation were excellent.
The three-piece jazz band. Jim recommended them, and I don't even know if they have a name. They provided great background music.

The Cake

The Cake Cutting. We have a jillion pictures of this scene, but I think I like it best in black and white.
The Feeding of the Cake.
Just so you can see the cake in color. The reason we picked this green cake (everyone else asks us, so I might as well tell you too) is that we saw a really neat cake in the last Martha Stewart Living special bridal issue and liked it. We showed the picture to the baker, and it's reasonable close to the original.

The First (and Last) Dance

Randall and I took ballroom dancing lessons, so even though the waltz the band was playing was incredibly fast, we did reasonably well.
Halfway through, Randall and I gave up and dad stepped in (it was a really long song!). Apparently, dad has not taken dancing lessons, but it was still a lot of fun.
Shortly after dad and I began dancing, Randall asked his mom, Karin, to dance. I think they danced about as well as my dad and I did!

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