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Religious Icon and Image Archive

Religious Images: Churches

The Religious Icon and Image Archive is part of the Religion Mega-Site from Aphids Communications. Also visit Religious Resources on the Net, Home Page Help for Religious Groups, and Creating and Housing a Church Home Page.

This zip file contains church images from the Religious Icon and Image Archive.

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ZIP File: (44,017 bytes)
Total 7 files (6 images)
Unzipped: 44,022
Archive last modified October 14, 1997

not transparent, 716x551, 32673 bytes
Contributed by: Orlando Alves Maximo
not transparent, 179x137, 2732 bytes
Contributed by: Orlando Alves Maximo
not transparent, 100x145, 6151 bytes
not transparent, 48x48, 309 bytes
transparent, 56x64, 816 bytes
not transparent, 32x32, 426 bytes

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