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The Religious Icon and Image Archive is part of the Religion Mega-Site from Aphids Communications. Also visit Religious Resources on the Net, Home Page Help for Religious Groups, and Creating and Housing a Church Home Page.

The Religious Icon and Image Archive is a collection of religious, Christian, and United Methodist images and graphics for use on web pages. At the time these images were gathered, they were available for use for personal, non-commercial purposes.

The format of this archive has changed for various reasons explained in about this archive. The images in this archive are now available via downloadable ZIP files rather than by viewing the images directly on this web site. We have created several zip files containing the images in the most popular combinations - you can download many at once, or only download certain types of images. For those unfamiliar with Zip files, we have put together a Zip FAQ. Please be sure to read the information contained there before you ask us for help.

Each link in the Archive Contents below leads to a page containing a link to and information about the zip file, including the size of the file, the number and type of images contained in the file, the unzipped disk space required for the images in the file, and the last modification date. Each zip file contains a README file describing the contents and attributions for each set of images.

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