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8:00 PM: Sophie's had a good day at home today. No health incidents, which is wonderful. She looks pale, but that's not surprising. Although her hair is definitely thinning around her face, the rest of hair is still so thick, you can't tell she's losing any, especially the way it lays (the thick parts cover up the thin parts). The emergency room staff commented that she certainly doesn't look like a kid with Leukemia, so we should be sure to mention it in Triage so that they prioritize her case properly. She has everyone in the ER wrapped around her little finger--she's such a charmer.

She has now finished the first 28 days of treatment in this second course of chemotherapy (five courses of arying lengths). She'll have a blood test on Monday to see if her counts have recovered enough to repeat the 28-day regimen. If her ANC is at least .75, she'll go back to the clinic on Tuesday, which will involve a spinal tap and cytarabine (this is the one that can cause kidney damage, so she has to be there all day while they pump her full of fluids). Last month, before she took the cytarabine, there was blood in her urine (they suspected a bladder infection, but later determined that she didn't have one), so it took a long time to begin the medicine, and we were there very late. We hope to have better luck this time.


You couldnt have spoken a more true statement she is a charmer and she has a certain something about her that by just being around her for a little while you feel like you have known her forever my mom used to say its the making of an old soul and that rings true for Sophie we are all better people for knowing her and she seems to know it also. Her smile is like an angel and yet if she is upset you definitly know it . I am grateful to be able to say i know her and your family its truly a blessing and my prayers are with you and Sophie.We are all praying for your family

I'm glad to hear Sophie is feeling better these days. I wish she could feel good everyday. I'm glad the weather is changing and maybe she can go out to play with Elisabeth. Speaking of Elisabeth I heard of a great organization for siblings of children with cancer. It is called supersibs.org I think she will enjoy it. See ya soon. Take care. Laura Wilson

Randall and Susan,

You have had such a rough time these past two or three days that I just had to send you a comment. How hard it must be for the two of you to watch your precious little one go through all the procedures and discomfort and fear that Sophie is enduring. A parent seeing a child suffering in any way is SO HARD and you are watching both of yours suffer in their own way. God be with you all. And Sophie continues to be in our prayers.