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9:15 PM: It was a full day today. While Randall finished up his sermon for tomorrow (he'll also be preaching it during worship at chapel in the seminary building at Duke on Wednesday), Elisabeth and I took Karin to the airport. Sophie stayed with Randall, because we wanted to do a bit of shopping, and we don't know if Sophie's counts are good enough for her to be around people. We left late morning, had some lunch, and bought some cute clothes for the girls. We got Karin dropped off in plenty of time to catch her flight, and then Elisabeth and I did a bit more shopping (mostly to get decent fresh-roasted coffee). I was pretty wiped out by the time we got home.

Elisabeth has decided she wants her hair to look like Kit's hair (she's an American Girl doll). So, after her bath tonight, I cut her hair (probably about 5 inches). It looks pretty much like Sophie's, although her hair is tricky to cut because it has a few wavy pieces that shorten up when it's dry. She had been growing out some of her bangs, so I cut the sides to blend those parts in. Now she wants to grow all her bangs out, so we'll definitely have an awkward period until they get longer. After it was cut, I blow-dried it, and then curled the ends with a curling iron. We'll take some pictures tomorrow after she's dressed for church.

I checked my e-mail tonight and got a message from our good friend Shelli. I already knew I wasn't operating at 100% capacity, but she was writing to let me know that I had sent her a thank-you note for a gift she didn't send the girls. Of course, now I have absoluely no idea who sent Elisabeth and Sophie the Angelina Ballerina book and American Idol Barbie, so if whoever sent those wonderful gifts to the girls is reading this, please accept our thanks! It feels like I may never think straight again! I owe a few other people thank-you notes, but there's no telling whether I'll be thanking you for the right things!