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10:00 PM Well, the cold and congestion is now working its way through our family. Susan is still fighting off her cough and I still feel a little congested every now and then. Although Sophie's counts are quite strong, she has had a runny nose these past couple of days and I spent the better part of the night last night up with her and her coughing. She was slightly warm this morning when I took her to daycare, so I let the teachers know that they should keep a close eye on her. Just before lunch, they said that Sophie was running a slight fever and seemed to be very tired. I picked her up, checked her temperature (99.5) and got her to take a nap. Today was my first day of classes for the spring semester, and Susan was wrapping up a two-day meeting for work. Susan left her meeting early (after lunch) to be home with Sophie so I could go to class. Always an adventure around our house, particularly with our 70+ mile commute (one way). The good news is that Sophie's fever never did spike any higher and she has seemed to be in good spirits (but coughing and still tired and cranky) all evening.

This is an older Sophie story, but it was one that we have been meaning to post for some time. A while back, I was straightening up the pillows on our bed when I noticed that one of our pillowcases has a lot of small pin-prick-sized holes running up one whole side. At first I suspected the cats, but the pattern wasn't quite right, so I began to suspect that a child was involved. I asked Elisabeth first if she knew anything about the holes, and she said that she didn't. I then pointed them out to Sophie and suggested that they looked like someone took a pencil or a pen and poked holes in the pillowcase. She just shook her head. Then I asked, "well, how do you think these holes got in the pillowcase?" "If someone took a feather (one of my pillows is a feather pillow) and turned it around so that the pointy end is like that (holding it in her hand for demonstration purposes), somebody could do that (stabbing at the air with her imaginary feather)." "Oh," I said, "would that somebody happen to be you?" She nodded her head. I'm beginning to wonder if she's been watching too much Captain Feathersword on the Wiggles!

We have an update on the new pharmacy situation. My earlier optimism was short-lived and unfortunately misplaced. We received our first shipment today and ended up with a fair amount of stuff that I'm sure I told the representative on the phone that we did not need (and some things--like syringe needles--that we never discussed and we have absolutely no use of), and did not get one of the things that we absolutely are going to be in need of soon. So, I'll be on the phone with the new pharmacy tomorrow trying to get this straightened out. Thankfully, we have a choice, so if we're unhappy with these folks, we'll pull the plug and move on to the next in line.