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8:45 PM Well, my major accomplishment for today was buying a new computer--I got the second-cheapest one I could find, and, of course, it's probably light years faster and bigger than the one that just died (we also ordered a new laptop that will hopefully come in next week). I'm still grieving over all of the files and information that we lost, but it sure is nice having internet access again. I'm so dependent upon it for everything!

Sophie seems to be doing just fine after her adventure yesterday. After her long, long nap last night, she was amazingly cheerful and pleasant. Surprisingly, she went to bed fairly easily last night after all that. This morning, she was more than happy to go to school. She is still coughing a fair amount, but it's becoming more of a dry hack.

Susan, on the other hand, has definitely caught whatever Sophie had. She's been coughing and coughing all day. She was up a fair amount in the night, so she's just miserable between coughing fits and being completely worn out from lack of sleep. I know that she's trying to get back on top of whatever work she missed last week while we were in New Mexico. I just hope that she recovers as quickly (or even quicker, how about that!) than Sophie seems to have.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support on my interview, they were much appreciated and I am grateful!