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8:45 PM: Sophie and I are still coughing a fair amount, but I think we're both starting to recover. The medicines the doctor gave me are very helpful with the symptoms. Saturday, Randall kept the girls quiet (mostly), and I slept in until noon. Then I took a nap in the afternoon and went to bed pretty early last night. I didn't get to sleep quite as much today, but it's been pretty restful. I have to go in to work tomorrow (dentist appointment up there), so I'll try not to stay up too late.

Elisabeth has ridden her bike for hours this weekend. We're so impressed with how well she's doing. We're also trying to encourage her to practice the piano more often. Tonight Randall was working with her, and then he remembered about a card game some friends of our invented called "Crazy Eighths." They're playing it right now, and Elisabeth loves it! Here's their web site, if you want to see how it works (you can order the game there too): http://www.crazy8ths.com/.

Yesterday morning, Sophie threw up a few times. We don't think it's related to any chemo (it's been months since she's thrown up), but maybe her yogurt had gone bad or something. She seemed fine the rest of the day. She told me later that she doesn't like to throw up. I told her that most people don't. Randall called into the living room just now to tell her it's time to brush her teeth and go to bed. Without skipping a beat, she called back, "I'm fast asleep!"